About us

Design studio simple.art was established in 2006. "Not so long ago", one may say, but this official period of existence doesn't make a difference in our case. When our company was set up, its founders already had a tremendous professional experience, having worked for various websites development and support companies.

Such strong potential contributed to the powerful launch and development of simple.art. One of the easiest ways to estimate someone's knowledge is to look at their work results. This is what you can do in our "portfolio" section. Far from being just another profit-driven activity, our business gives us a chance to realise creative ideas, design beautiful products, broaden our professional experience and win clients' recognition not only locally, but also more globally. This is probably the key to our company's success – we do the work we like most!

We always focus our attention on the fact that a website is not only an original and modern method of online presentation, but first and foremost a specific and effective way of running a business, where there is no room for the ordinary. To guarantee our clients' success, we never develop websites following standardised methods. We constantly look for fresh ideas and have the ability to find the most appropriate style, meeting the client's requirements in order to create their ideal website. This is what we always work towards.

The websites we design all have their own style. They are recognisable; and it is just impossible to ignore them. Our goal is to create a constantly renewed interest in our products and encourage users to explore their designs and easy-to-navigate structures. As professionals, this has allowed us to cope with tasks of any level of complexity and also to become the appointed design studio for the largest web provider in Simferopol – WebCom.

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